Lydia Hart Voice

Specialist Voice and Upper Airway Speech and Language Therapist

Lydia Hart Bsc RCSLT HCPC is a specialist Speech and Language Therapist, working in the field of Voice and Upper Airway. Lydia is known for being vibrant, caring and sensitive, taking time to create and hold a space for clients to help them with their symptoms in a holistic way. She works for the NHS at Frimley Health Foundation Trust, running a weekly Joint Voice Clinic as well as outpatient appointments for voice, cough and other upper airway disorders. Her particular skills and interests include working with the singing voice, as Lydia is a singer herself, as well as laryngeal and cough hypersensitivity.

Lydia also works with the Voice Care Centre alongside a multidisciplinary team of experts including founder Stephen King, as well as treating private referrals from ENT and Respiratory consultants.

Lydia is passionate about health and wellness, in both her personal and professional life. This interest spans yoga, rock climbing, weightlifting, cold showers and even barefoot shoes!

Services offered

Lydia currently offers appointments via video (or telephone if video is unavailable).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of speech and language therapy appointments are conducted online. This has proven to be an effective and convenient format for therapy.

Lydia can see people who are self-funding, and is registered with the majority of insurance companies including Aviva, AXA and Vitality.

Lydia can provide advice and treatment for a wide range of symptoms including:

  • Voice disorders (such as hoarseness or voice loss), including Muscle Tension Dysphonia, or hoarseness caused by vocal cord nodules, polyps or cysts

  • Chronic cough

  • Laryngeal hypersensitivity, including globus and persistent throat clearing

  • Vocal rehabilitation for singers (usually in conjunction with vocal coaching)

In the majority of cases, recent assessment by ENT and/or Respiratory Medicine is required for treatment.

Lydia is contactable via email at